Physiolaser Olympic Starter Kit

RJ Laser

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Physiolaser Olympic Starter Kit

This starter kit contains the Physiolaser Olympic command centre and the Single Probe Expert 500.

From RJ Laser, the Physiolaser is a modular system designed to work with a variety of attachments, allowing you to fully customize your laser system. The Physiolaser read-out provides vital information before and during the treatment. The Physiolaser has two ports. This means that often you can simultaneously treat with two different attachments.

The Physiolaser command centre houses a powerful computer that has been pre-programmed with hundreds of treatment options. Healing frequencies according to Bahr and Reininger are available as well as options to program in your own treatment protocols according to pathology or patient. Enter your dose, and the laser will calculate the rest, automatically shutting off when your treatment is complete

The single probe 500 is ideal for treating small areas, laser acupuncture on the ear or for treating individual body acupuncture points. With the ability to treat from 5mW up to 500mW, it provides the most versatility in the single probe series.
Wavelength: 810 nm
Power: 500 mW

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