LightNeedle 600 for Physiolaser Olympic

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LightNeedle 600 for Physiolaser Olympic

The Acupuncturists’ laser.

The Light Needle is a multi-point laser treatment tool that has twelve fibre optic leads that can be applied simultaneously.

The Light Needle connects to the Physiolaser Olympic, a modular laser powerhouse.

Your Go-to Laser for Body Acupuncture

Studies have shown that a laser can be used to treat an acupuncture point in much the same way as a needle. Laser Acupuncture is painless, effective and sterile, and ideal for use on children, people with needle phobia and people with infections. Furthermore, it adds energy to the system.

No needles. No sterilization. No needle disposal.

Easy to Use… and Not Just for Acupuncture

The light needle can be used for much more than acupuncture. Treat a condition locally by surrounding a structure or wound. Provide pre and post operative care to reduce healing time and pain. Alleviate chronic pain, particularly orthopedic pain. Accelerate wound healing.

The Light needle fibre optic cables are easy to apply. Simply choose your points, and apply the leads. Use a scotch tape or any removable tape for mess-free application and removal.

12 separate diodes at 50 mW and 655 nm

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